Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scarcity Breeds Industry in Marketing

Beating the competition when resources get tight

Brian Massey writes for the Bulldog Marketing Watchdog Journal An article I coauthored just landed in the Bulldog Marketing Watchdog Journal. There is an opportunity out there, an opportunity created by panicked competitors making bad decisions about what to cut in anticipation of slowing sales.

Are you one of those "competitors?"

The second installment is

Scarcity Breeds Industry: Where Should You Be Putting Your Marketing Dollars in 2009?

The first article was:

Five Ways to Gain a Competitive Advantage—While Everyone Else Is Panicking

I may be off base, but my colleagues, Joel Granoff and Rose Holston (both appear in the header of The Conversion Scientist blog) are too smart to be dismissed offhand.

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