Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Beating the Competition in 2009 and a Behavioral Marketing Riff

Avoid the mistakes your competition will make to gain customers this year.

While I've decided not to participate in the recession, that doesn't mean that things won't be different for me in 2009. My clients' competitors -- and yours -- are totally bought into the recession and will be making some bad decisions.

This is good news for you and for me.

I detail some of the mistakes your competition is going to make this year in an article I co-wrote for Bulldog Solutions. Check out Five Ways to Gain a Competitive Advantage While Everyone Else is Panicking.

The third recommendation we offer in that article is "Concentrate on programs that move prospects through the sales funnel." Behavioral Targeting is just one of the strategies you should consider to snatch customers from your competitors. The second entry in my Behavioral Marketing column for ClickZ includes a riff on what behavioral marketers can learn from the simple action of visiting a Web page. I've recorded a Behavioral Targeting Lullaby inspired by George Carlin.

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