Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The PubCon South 2009 Interview with Brian Massey

Conversion Scientist Brian Massey and Vanessa Zamora

Curious about what a Conversion Scientist does? This may help. Though I've given better interviews in my life, I think Vanessa's poise more than makes up for my blathering.

Slides from my PubCon South 2009 presentation are at What to Test? The Conversion Scientist.

Brian Massey and Vanessa Zamora


  1. Loved hearing and seeing you Brian! Good stuff, we need a good dose of your advice on our new boot-strapped site. Thanks for being you and sharing how we, as a small start-up can take advantage of the same things the big guys spend the big bucks for!

  2. Amy,

    You can also find the slides to The Conversion Game Show "What to Test" that I presented here:



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