Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is the Internet Shaping Culture or is it Just a Symptom of Change?

If it's not the cause, then what is?

I did a bit of a rant on my profile over on the Society for Word of Mouth community. I was sitting at the Wizard Academy, a school of communication that has been predicting a change in culture that would transform the way we communicate. Ray Seggern was doing a presentation called "The Pendulum" made famous by Wizard Academy founder Roy H. Williams. It's the kind of presentation that sticks with you for weeks after you see it.

One thing that Roy puts forth very convincingly is that the Internet and it's sibling technologies are a tool of change more than a cause of change.

This is a pretty scary thought.

Why? Because, if it's the Internet that is causing the kids to act so funny, then we can keep an eye on it. If it's just a symptom of the change, then something more nefarious is going on, something that may sneak up on us. Either way, you can't opt out. It'll get you too.

Are you going to be surprised? Visit the Wizard Academy on March 13th a free day of mind bending clarity. It's about communicating fully and so much more.

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