Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What do you do when the Traffic starts coming?

imageLike some bad Verizon commercial dream, you get a big PR success or your search marketing efforts kick in.

People start coming to your site.

Of course, you've been preparing for this day, but are you ready? How do you know?

Start by voting for the SXSW Panel "What do you do when the traffic starts coming?" I'll bring together luminaries from the world of content marketing, persona development and social media strategy to help you decide which content will engage your visitors and how to present it to your particular audience.

With the advent of search marketing, we've developed a "If they come they will buy" philosophy for Web sites. However, most of the traffic we’re buying is bouncing like a bad email address. This panel of experienced professionals will discuss strategies for creating content that engages and converts our visitors.

Can I get your support?

More Panels

I've also create the SXSW Panel Pimper group on Facebook. Other SXSW panel sponsors are highlighting their panel ideas and I encourage you to vote.

In particular, consider my other panel, The Patterns of Web Marketing.

Every Web site fits into a pattern, and each Web site pattern has a known set of strategies that must be implemented to make a site succeed. In this session we will help you will categorize your Web site and identify the strategies that you must employee to succeed.

See you at the show.

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