Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Social Networks? Yes, Please.

Brochure Web sites are so over.

Anyone who is exasperated over the proliferation of social networks should ask themselves: do you want more brochure Web sites or other one-way push information Web sites?

image Any business that is considering putting up an old style brochure site is nuts.

It doesn't take a million people to make a successful network. If there are 1,000 people passionate about your enterprise email software solution that dots all 'i's with smiley faces, then give them a way to share with each other.

Blog with them.

Let them build a profile if there is a social component to the product.

Let them invite others to see their smiley 'i' documents. It's WOM marketing.

Let them write reviews of the before and after. It's great for SEO.

Let them post about how smiley 'i's increase readability and make people feel good. It turns your customers into sales people.

Create implementation groups so that your customers can help new users get the most out of their smiley 'i' module. Let them help prospects sell this to the CEO.

It's now easy to put these kind of sites in place. So, why put up a site that blathers on about your "morale improving font modification module for email servers" when your customers will do the talking and sharing for you?

More Social Networks? - AdGabber

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  1. Are we talking about the lesser evil here? Anyway, social networks are great for start-up businesses and brands that have limited budgets (like non-profit organizations). When used correctly, it could generate a whole good deal of positive buzz with the people.


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