Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why You Have Time to Use Personas

Jason at 37signals made a great point about personas.

You are already using them.

image However, the ones you're using are probably versions of you. If not, the personas you are using is an amalgam of the last customers you talked to.

And furthermore, the person writing your copy is using a persona: himself. The person doing your design is designing for a persona: their last customer.

And the beat goes on.

Then you review the work and ask them to nudge it to be a little bit more like you, or maybe just your last customer. No wonder your site continues to be a mix of headings, copy, images and navigation all working against each other.

Pick personas that will work for you. Do an intimate profile so that everyone can understand who they're working for.

It's powerful stuff. And you won't have to redesign the site over again when the one you have fails to deliver.

Ask 37signals: Personas? - (37signals)

Thanks to Brian Eisenberg for the pointer.

Photo courtesy gun.

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  1. I think knowing which personas to use when dealing with different situations and clients is a powerful advantage. Not only does it give you an edge over other companies, it also makes customers feel like you really understand where they're coming from.


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