Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Question #9: Do You Show the Product?

Am I a Marketing Sheep? 261 Questions

image Advertising Strategy #1: Show the product.

Advertising Strategy #2: Talk about a benefit.

Advertising Strategy #3: Show the product again.

A Coremetrics study reveals that video product tours increase sales conversions. I could go on about how engaging or immersive product video tours are, but I think that's missing the point.

I truth, I think we just do a crappy job of showing the product on the Web. Product tours work because they are the opposite of crappy.

But, don't get hung up on the effort required to generate video or flash product tours. You can increase conversions by simply having lots of high resolution pictures of your products from as many angles as you can think of.

Services Businesses Aren't Off the Hook

If you can't think of a way to "show the product" just because you're a services business, then you're not thinking creatively enough.

image How about those pictures of pleasant-looking ladies smiling with their headsets on? That's a pretty good way to "show" customer service.

Spokespeople are a great way to "show" a service. How is the Go Daddy Girl showing a domain registration and hosting service? Well, she just is.

Your whitepapers should have pictures of the report as if it were printed. Let the user click on the image to get a large (e.g. readable) image of the cover.

Your testimonials and case studies should have pictures of the smiling customers with them. They are the product.

When you can't show the product as a services business, your only alternative is to blather on about your service. And that's what we sheep do.

Video Product Tours Yield 35% Increase in Online Sales Conversion - MarketingVOX

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