Thursday, January 25, 2007

2. Is Marketing a Job or a Calling?

Are you a Marketing Sheep? 261 Questions

Job, career, mission or calling?

How do you feel about what you're marketing? Are you proud? Yikes. Do you feel that your product is the best available in the marketplace? Yawn.

Is your product going to change lives, enable businesses to be all they can be, create jobs, or instill inner peace? Are you marketing something that you thing has to be out there or you will explode?

This graphic is from a blog post by Kevin Koym. He talks a about entrepreneurs, but I don't think you need to be an entrepreneur to give some serious thought to where you are on the Z.

Honestly, I'd probably be at the career level if anyone would have kept me on long enough to start a career. Most marketers can relate.

Your prospects will get it if you are on a mission or have a calling. In fact, you could erase the worked "meaningful" and replace it with "outward-focused."

Is your marketing blathering on about your brand, your features, or even your benefits? Have you ever met someone who is on a mission or has found their calling?

I'd like to hear about it. I bet that if they were marketers, they wouldn't be putting up brochure sites.


  1. Brian,

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  3. Timothy Ferriss has found his calling traveling the world, working as little as possible and having a good time. On the other hand Noah found his purpose, and built a big boat. Me personally, I know some of my purpose but I know way too much about what is NOT my purpose. I guess both are progress. Good post. I liked it.

  4. Brian,

    Great stuff... I'm not traveling like Tim but certainly have found my calling in fitness--or more accurately commitment to helping people live freer, clearer, stronger lives...

    Great points here. No one could make themselves go through the intense work and struggle that I've known, in writing my book (Strength for Life) for two years while keeping my nutrition business running, without being on a mission.

    Keep up the great work!

    BTW... love your bro's music! Really njoyed it...

    In Strength,

    creator, Full Strength


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