Friday, February 02, 2007

3. Will you understand social networking now, or when it becomes a proven tool?

Are you a Marketing Sheep? 261 Questions.

How long ago was it that you worked in a dot com company, or worried that you'd missed the boat because you didn't? It seems like yesterday. It was about six years ago. Six years passed quickly.

So, it stands to reason that the next six years will go by equally as fast. That's when the 11 year olds that make up what CNN is calling Generation We will be 17 years old. They'll have already swept past you as key influencers of consumer and business marketing.

Word of warning: You don't have six years to wait.

If you believe the insightful rants of Roy H. Williams--The Wizard of Ads--you only have about 2 more years. That's when Generations Y and We will have moved Generation X and the Baby Boomers to socially connected buying behaviors.

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