Monday, January 22, 2007

1. Are you writing Web pages or designing helpful online services?

Are you a Marketing Sheep? 261 Questions.

When you say "I'm going to update our company's Web site" do you call a Web design firm? Is the first thing you worry about the colors and fonts and "attitude?" If so, you may be a marketing sheep.

How about questions like this:

  • How can I extend my products and services out onto the Web so that visitors can experience them?
  • What valuable services compliment my product or service?
  • What valuable services appeal to my prospects, even if they are unrelated to my company's offering?
  • What would appeal to my customers' customers?

Now you're talking. In fact, even if you only put a brochure site up, it will be fundamentally different if you see yourself as providing a valuable service: to inform our visitors about our product. Why? because the focus is put on the visitor, not on the company and its offerings.

Let's not bicker about whether or not the Web page is dead. Let's figure out if we have anything better to offer than Web page.

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