Saturday, December 30, 2006

In the 1990s we all had Web sites...

What do you know? What can you do? It may be time to put it out on the Web.

In the 1990s we shared our interests via Web sites thanks to the likes of GeoCities. These sites were often of questionable design quality and content, but they were our gift to the world.

In the double-oughts (2000s) we will all offer a service of some kind. Today, most of us offer our services via blog, regurgitating content from our brains and all kinds of sources and focusing it on the most mundane of topics. And it's a valuable service to those on the Web who don't see these topics as mundane.

Web 2.0 isn't about AJAX as much as it is about providing services. Today small teams of programmers are creating an un-ending stream of great little targeted sites as service; calendars, time tracking, podcasting, word processing, spreadsheets, invoicing, maps, photo sharing, project management, virtual teaming, RSS to Email, and more.

More and more of us can create mashups of these services to give our unique gifts to the world. Myspace is training a generation in HTML and CSS. Get ready.

So what do you know? It's time to give it to the world.

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