Monday, December 18, 2006

Why Time's Person of the Year is Significant

Time Magazine has declared that You and I are their Person of the Year for 2006. There are lots of special interests out their decrying this choice, but it is significant if you are a marketer. And here's why. Roy H. Williams, the self-styled "Wizard of Ads" gives a presentation that is generally called "the pendulum." I've seen it three times now and I continue to marvel at its predictive ability. If you have a chance to come to Austin and see the presentation, do it. One of the things that Roy predicted was the return to a Civic-minded society here in America. It's a society in which believes in the power of the whole, of sacrificing for the greater good. Our young folks are taking us into a society where self-centered individualism is less important. For marketers, this means that plastic, manipulative messages will be actively resisted. For the next 40 years, our society will look more like the WWII society than the plastic society of the 80s and 90s. And, if you believe Roy, this process will be complete in 2009. Even the baby boomers will be on board in three more short years. Time is just reacting to this and other trends that show how our children are influencing our lives. Marketers, broadcast advertising doesn't have to die for us to know that we must approach consumers and businesses differently in our marketing. The only question is: are we leading or are we lagging the trend. For a great un-webinar discussion of engagement marketing, tune into Jim Nail and Bob DeSena courtesy of Powered.

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