Sunday, December 31, 2006

Will Social Networks be Important in 2007?

JWT seems to think that Social Networks will play an important role.

It's a good sign that an ad agency would say this, as their compensation structure encourages them to ignore online marketing. There's no "15% of media spend" in an online program like there is in TV, print and radio. They've updated the tired ad agency slogan "We create ideas that creat brands" to "We create ideas for our clients that people want to spend time with." BTW, they should do the same for themselves. There's nothing I want to spend time with on their Web site (like a link to this $&#@! report). 

Here's their list as summarized by Marketing Vox:

  1. Skype/VoIP
  2. Wii and the next-generation gaming systems
  3. The business of social networking
  4. Pop-up stores, restaurants and bars … installation style
  5. Shrinky Dink technology (TVs are flat and hidden, iPods are down to half an ounce, speakers are smaller and less visible, and so on)
  6. The rise of nanotechnology
  7. Sustainable construction/green buildings
  8. Hydrogen fuel cell technology
  9. Veggie-bus: school buses running on biodiesel fuel
  10. Trans-fat fallout
  11. Reality show talent searches
  12. Ohio State's freshman basketball phenom, Greg Oden
  13. Fear of agri-terrorism
  14. Halal foods
  15. Participatory advertising (user-generated advertising and music videocompetitions)

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