Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why Podcasting is Different

How is color different from black and white? The answer is obvious. So, put it into words. Color is expressive, provides more contrast, more emotion, more subtlety... In the results-oriented world of marketing, these are soft benefits. Yet we know we can communicate more effectively with color media than with black and white media with few exceptions, even if we can't tell you why. Today, audio is in the same position as color might have been back when black and white televisions were the norm. Audio is more compelling, authentic, trust-building, and transparent. And the benefit is...? Attorney J. Craig Williams, founder of the podcast puts it quite will in a Wall Street Journal article entitled Pod Power:
"The marketing takes care of itself," says the 48-year-old Mr. Williams. "All [the podcast] does is give information. If you like the style of writing and speaking, then you're getting to know me. Then you might call me. It's not a hard sell."
A channel so powerful that the marketing "takes care of itself"?? In truth all media channels will be held to this standard. Find a way to demonstrate your value. Then, we'll decide if you're worthy of a continuing conversation with us. Thanks to Steve Harper for the link.

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