Sunday, January 22, 2006

Be Heard

“Be Heard.” To be heard is the desire of our hearts, to be heard through our words, through our art, through our music, through our work. For marketers, it is a desire driven more often by revenue and profits. Marketers must be heard to maintain the health of their businesses, but the noise in the advertising universe is deafening, and we are hearing less and less. “On average, each American will have been exposed to 100,000 advertisements before they leave the womb.” This fanciful statistic winks at a reality that marketers must be ready to address. Interruptive advertising is the kind of advertising that crowds articles from magazines, glazes the eyes of web surfers and provides snack breaks for weary viewers of TV sitcoms. To rise above the cacophony you must be louder, brighter, and in more places than ever before. This world has become the domain of large, well-funded advertisers. For a time, they will be able fight our growing resistance. The rest of us must find a more affordable and effective way to be heard. believes that the answer lies in our most basic ability, the ability that separates us from the beasts: the spoken word. Interruptive advertising is about hijacking our attention. Short form Internet audio is about connecting with us, and is about short form Internet audio for marketers. is your resource for composing a harmony for your marketing message. Audio is attractive, not distractive. Thanks to it is also inexpensive to produce—less expensive than the banner ads, less expensive than sweepstakes, and even less expensive than the white papers. The best way for you to experience the power of a marketing medium that is truly resonant is to come to and listen. The audio you will find there is free. Uncover the lost voice that your customers long to hear: your own. Join us at Be heard.
The human voice is the organ of the soul.” --Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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