Tuesday, February 21, 2006


What is GE thinking?? I'm almost afraid to link to a GE Podcast that came to me recently because it is SUCH a poor use of Internet audio and I don't want to encourage them with traffic. Fortunately, Marketing Profs balances this out by using their Podcast as a "premium service." Those of us who would never consider subscribing to an online service are now encouraged to think again, especially since the Podcast contents are quite relevant to us, the Marketing Profs target market.

Advertising your Advertisements?

It's generally a no-no to make your marketing podcast an advertisement. Podcasting at its best is about providing value. For some reason, GE felt it was helpful to release a podcast that advertised their advertisements. "Let's talk about how we talk about me." Gag. As it turns out, the folks at AdRants thought it was a useful podcast, so maybe I'm jumping too quickly.

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