Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Newest Experiment in Conversion: The ConversionCast

Technology and opportunity can create an exothermic reaction.

When you're in the science business, things can get quite dull for long periods of time. Much of the time, you're just waiting for an experiment to end, washing test tubes, or inhaling the fumes from the Nitrous Oxide experiment.

And then WHAM. You mix a couple of ingredients just right and you're scrambling for the fire extinguisher. What is left behind is often a ball of melted glass and metal.

But, on rare occasions what is left is something of beauty and usefulness.

Such is the case with the ConversionCast. By carefully combining one part Live Conversion Review and one part screen capture software, and several crayons, I've created an explosive mixture resulting in the passing of knowledge at an alarming rate.

Our first ConversionCast is up. It isn't perfect, but we'll get there. After all, I'm a scientist.

P.S. The ConversionCast is hosted on the New Conversion Scientist blog. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I watched (experienced) your ConversionCast and was deeply impressed. You may be breaking new ground in terms of providing superior guidance in an accessible way. You are certainly taking the blog to new levels. Great work!




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