Thursday, July 10, 2008

Search Marketing Philosophy: "If they come, they will buy"

image Over the past two years we've managed to move away from the "Field of Dreams" Web site philosophy of "If you build it, they will come." Most businesses are now investing in search marketing to get more people to their Web properties.

Unfortunately, we are stuck in the "if they come they will buy" philosophy of online marketing. It's every bit as valid as "if you build it they will come," which means it's not valid at all.

Search Insider's Tameka Kee summarized a MarketingSherpa study that tells us that 40% of you marketers aren't paying attention to conversion rate and ROI in your Search Campaigns.

While such statistics makes a Conversion Scientist bow his head and shake it slowly, this is where the opportunity lies. When those 40% see declining traffic and leads, they will have little choice but to start offering their visitors what they are looking for to engage them and convert them. Which means they need to know what their visitors are looking for.

Let me introduce you to your visitors.

Two Search Metrics You Should Pay Attention To

"With prices rising steadily, marketers who evaluate search against tangible KPIs will be the ones who will optimize and balance their spending," the report said. - Read the whole story...

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