Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why Isn't Your Web Site Generating More Business?

When it comes to the Web, things can seem very complicated to marketing teams and business owners.

image I believe that a site that gets a few things right will outperform the business that tries everything. That is, if you know what's most important to your particular site, you can generate more leads and business.

I've teamed up with Jon Lebkowsky of Social Web Strategies to develop a workshop that will help marketers and business owners figure out what kind of Web site they need for their business and then which three strategies they need to get right.

If I'm creating a social site, I've got to nail the "invite your friends" functionality.

If I'm creating a consumer e-commerce site, my product pages have to be right.

If I'm selling to businesses and have a long sales cycle, then my email nurturing campaigns are critical.

I think we can isolate three strategies for any site that will make or break the Web marketing effort.

Join us on May 28 in Austin, Texas for the Web Strategies Workshop.

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