Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Facebook Application Week 1: When nobody comes


It's been a week since we launched the BookLobby application in Facebook. We've already got two completed booklobbies; one by me and one by my developer.

This situation was expected. I'm really just getting up to speed on social marketing. Most of the time I've budgeted toward BookLobby has been spent wrangling friends and acquaintances into doing something as a favor. We'll see where that goes.

I have excuses too for why nobody has come. Here's my current list:

  1. It takes commitment to do a Booklobby. Be patient.
  2. We aren't in the Application search list yet. I'm not yet sure why this is.
  3. We haven't given visitors a way to share the application. We didn't want to trick people into sharing like so many spam applications, but we should have provided SOME way to share.
  4. We don't explain enough about what you should do on the pages we present
  5. Our marketing guy is weak (gulp)

I find myself trapped in a little Catch 22: I don't want to invite some A players until we have content, but it looks like we won't have content until I invite some A players.

Right now, I'm favoring patience and wrangling up some content from my personal network.

What would you do?

  • Buy some installs from Slide or Rock You?
  • Start courting political bloggers?
  • Send out press releases?


  1. Hi Brian,

    You know this is a great app for the RIGHT people. I would approach group leaders and members who are already part of political or advocacy type groups on Facebook and get them involved. Market to the initial adopters first. They may not be A-listers, but they will be interested in such an application.


  2. Shama, What you're saying is that the right people will get the application even before there's a preponderance of content.

    OK. I'll make a list. Thanks.


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