Friday, October 19, 2007

Gooruze? What do you think?

I've recently come across, which billed as the Digg for Marketers. You can see my fledgling profile at

Social marketers, take note

I'm writing this blog because of some viral genius by the folks at Gooruze.

Their offer is this: "If you already have a blog, don't retype the content here. We'll mirror your blog posts." OK. Nothing new there. But after supplying my RSS feed, they ask me to verify that it's my blog by including " somewhere in the first few lines of a blog post."

Yes, this is an effective way to verify a post.

But think of what it does for their exposure on the Marketing aisle of the blogosphere. Think about what it does for their search engine ranking.

This is great social engineering and I predict excellent growth for Gooruze. Let's hope the community is as interesting... and that this isn't just a ruze (I couldn't resist).


  1. Hey Brian

    Great to have you part of the Gooruze community :)

    Gooruze Co-Founder

  2. I checked it out too. Thanks

    I does look interesting, we'll see where THAT one goes.


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