Tuesday, October 16, 2007

8. Do you know what your visitors are looking for?

Are you a marketing sheep? 261 Questions.

MarketingVox reports the following:

Some 72 percent of potential US online car buyers experience "search engine fatigue": unable to find the information they need, they grow impatient or frustrated.

Of those, three out of four leave their computers without finding the info, according to a new Kelton Research survey commissioned by Autobytel Inc., reports MarketingCharts.

Three out of four. 72%. Ouch. And the car makers are looked upon as online innovators.

The problem is any of the following:

  1. They don't know what their visitors are looking for.
  2. They know but aren't delivering the information.
  3. They know and THINK they are delivering the information.

In any event, this is the most common objection when I propose a Conversion Analysis of a potential client's site: "We're moving too fast to do an analysis of the visitors." The hidden objection is "we already know" who's visiting and what to say to make them buy.

Ironically, no one comes to me if their Web site is performing for them.

The MarketingVox report is sobering because certainly the car companies know what potential buyers are looking for. It's a car.

Do you really know why your visitors are visiting?

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