Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Millennials are Assimilating Us

Like Zombies from a cheap horror flick, brain scraps dripping from their mouths, the Millennials (or Gen Y-ers) and their slower-minded brethren, the Gen X-ers are infecting us, turning us all into Zomberry addicts and Text Messengers.

Resistance is futile.

Roy H. Williams predicted in 2003 that there was a shift happening in our culture, and that the process would be complete from beginning to end within six years.

I was skeptical.

How was our Baby Boomer generation, resistant to anything new or different going to be moved to IM by 2009?


Baby Boomers Increasingly Embrace Mobile Technology - MarketingVOX

There is hope. Gen Y-ers are actively working to thin their numbers:

"Gen Y is more apt to send and receive text messages while driving"

If Gen Y wins, you better take the bus. The streets are going to be dangerous places soon.

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