Friday, June 29, 2007

The One-page Web Site

image What you are seeing here is the entire Web site for FG Squared.

I think this is pretty gutsy for a Interactive Marketing Agency with major enterprise accounts. And that's why I love it.

The old site was very much the "interactive Web site" you would expect -- Flash animated navigation, interactive portfolio, the whole shebang.

But FG Squared's chief square Steve Golab (he's one of the g's) wanted to change the way they present themselves with a new brand image. He did all of the hard work of identifying who they were, who they served and why they were on the planet.

Then, he put it up on the Web on one page.

No three month content development cycle. No complex navigation scheme. No multi-media files to dazzle would-be clients.

Who we are. What we do. What we believe. How to Contact us.

His copy even goes below the fold >gasp<. Yes, you have to scroll.

Steve tells me that other pages will follow, but for now, visitors get it straight up. If you like what you read, you may want to get Steve and his crew to give you a project pitch. If not, you shouldn't be too confused about what you don't like about the company. It's all there in orange and white.

In short, this is pretty transparent, and I like that.

Web page captured with SimpleSnag.

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