Sunday, April 30, 2006

Positioning is Dead

I just had to declare something is dead before I left San Francisco. The panel on behavioral targeting that Geoff Ramsey lead included Greg Smith from EchoTarget, Martin Nisenholtz of The NY Times Digital, and Robert Brown of Hyundai Motors America. Relevance is no longer about being good at positioning your brand. Today it’s about presenting your message at the right time to the right audience. The Internet is going to help us with this by jacking databases into our online properties. In summary, the panel said:
  1. Try behavioral targeting
  2. Test, Test, Test
  3. Match the message to the segment
Geoff shared with us some of his prowess with numbers. One stat of note: overall US ad growth is about 5% per year. Online ad growth is 25%. The benefits of online targeting:
  • Marketers can restrict the size of their audience to get deeper brand interaction.
  • Marketers can deliver advertising that is so relevant to consumers that they ask for it.
What are consumer attitudes?
  • 65% feel that they receive too many ad messages
  • 69% are looking for ways to block ads
  • 59% say ads are not relevant to them
What are the behavioral targeting strategies?
  1. Re-marketing is the process of sending messages to those who came to your site, but left before completing an order.
  2. Contextual marketing
  3. IP Targeting
  4. Geo-targeting
Search is the penultimate behavioral targeting tool. You can inexpensively deliver a message based on what the user has declared of interest based on their keywords. Rob Brown was particularly refreshing. He has tested a number of programs and is a clearly a realist. One gem from him: “Behavioral Targeting does work—at the right price.”

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