Sunday, April 30, 2006

Glass slippers for Email?

Glass slippers for Email? I was only able to hear the last bit of the “Email Cinderella” panel at Ad:Tech San Francisco. I honestly can’t tell you what the Cinderella connection is… something about turning your email campaigns from an ugly duckling into a swan. Talk about mixing fairy tales. I did hear some helpful content in the short time I was there and intend to review the slides. First, how is this for a clear value proposition: “We guarantee that we will increase your response rate by 50%” This is the promise made by Barry Stamos, the panel moderator when he was with a company called Inbox. They never had to refund anyone’s money. Two companies recommended for increasing your ability to deliver email: TIP: Place the following three things at the top of an HTML email before any graphics:
  1. Primary offer
  2. “Add us to your safe sender list”
  3. “If you can’t view this, click here”
Trusted Third Parties Incorporate trusted third parties into your email.
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Organizations like Verisign
If you’re new to email marketing:
  1. Use a 3rd party tool to manage your email campaigns
  2. Grow your opt-in house list. This is the best source of effective email addresses.- Simply putting a quick signup form on your site can drive house list growth
Preference Centers Give subscribers a place to modify their preferences, not just opt-out. This will reduce unsubscribe rates.
  • Let them choose the frequency
  • Give them industry or topic options
You can almost look at a preference center as a demographic survey of interests and desires. Nice.

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