Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We hate ads? A contrarian voice... or not

I'm a sucker for a contrarian voice like Deutsch's Hirshberg. The problem is, he's saying exactly what most new-media mavens have been saying while sounding like he's disagreeing. Ingeniuos.
...people don't object to advertising--provided that it's not done in a way perceived as condescending. "These consumers are ... sophisticated in terms of their relationship to marketing," he said. "They know the tricks. They don't mind being marketed to--as long as they're marketed to well."
The truth appears to be that their sophistication and requirement that they be marketed to "well" is leaving TV and print behind. Just what many are hoping is true. Upfronts are around the corner. Could this be the year that TV's decline becomes obvious to all of us?

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