Thursday, March 16, 2006

An Opportunity for Politicians

An article in Online Media Daily reflects the problem with the Political system in the US, and also exposes a huge opportunity for political candidates that believe in openness and transparency. Marketers are learning a lesson that is currently lost on political consultants, to whit:
"I'd never have my candidates do a blog," insisted (Earnest) Lendler (president of the New York City-based political consultancy Branford Communications). "Dean's campaign had a lot of potential, but you have to control your message from the top down."
Apparently, it is considered a real danger that politicians might accidentally express their true beliefs. Is this because their beliefs won't stand up to public scrutiny? Are politicians unable to combine thier philosophy with the need to get elected? What may be a risk for a politician is a golden opportunity for a true statesman. Use the internet and its attendant technologies (Podcasting, Blogs, Video, Search) to show yourself. The first to learn to use this medium with savvy will find a ready audience just looking for a reason to vote.

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