Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Massey Marketing Manifesto

When I began the discussion about how a technology services company like Blue Fish goes to market, I wanted to set the stage for what responsible, effective marketing means. My first presentation was the Massey Marketing Manifesto, and I've included it below. These are the high level principles inspired by my own experience and by works such as the Cluetrain Manifesto. You'll see some of what's there reflected here. But, this manifesto is more about Business to Business, which unfortunately is seen as being different than B2C. It's not, but it's too soon to declare that this is the case. So this manifesto is short, is focused on action, and was composed with services companies in mind. The Massey Marketing Manifesto for B2B Services Companies
  1. Marketing is a valuable service. Marketing in an extension of the services provided by your company. It is the first level. Your fee for this valuable service is the right to carry on a conversation with a prospect. Know that this is very valuable payment for your service. Every communication should be providing a service. Marketing messages should educate, inform and solve problems since that is what your business does. Having an answer within reach when a prospect has a problem is the highest service a marketer can render.
  2. Buying a service requires trust. Every communication should be about providing value. Hype and hyperbole don't work these days. I, me, we, and us don't matter. Be who you are. Be transparent. Sell with personal relationships. Share the reasons that your service is unique, remarkable, or the same as other solutions. Err on the side of Truth and Integrity.
  3. Have Conversations. Marketing done well is a conversation that starts a relationship. Information flows both ways. You will learn about your prospects only to the extent they learn about your business--the real business. Collecting information about a prospect is a sign of respect and a desire to get to know them. Treat it as such.
  4. Everyone is in Marketing. Marketing is about getting the whole company involved. Enroll the entire team in your vision. Make sure that they are building relationships in harmony with the way marketing is building relationships and vice versa.
  5. The Team is the Brand. If you are selling a service, you are selling your know-how, skills, and expertise. Brand is not about what you tell people, it is about who you ARE. Marketing must create transparency to the outside world. Marketing must broadcast the values of the company using the team's voice. Copy, creative and offers should always reflect something about the company. Here is where personal marketing tools such as blogs and IVOs serve you well.
  6. Let Sales Sell. Marketing is about maximizing the sales person's "sell time." Marketing should find and qualify through relationships. Sales should explore and bring people to choice. Marketing must have a clear prospect management strategy that defines when leads are handed off to sales.
  7. Listen and use what you hear. Great organizations change based on what their customers tell them. Who's listening? Marketing is. Marketing is about championing the customer in every way. Marketing is about leading the organization to change the product or service to exceed customer expectations.
  8. Entertain and Amuse. The assumption that selling to enterprises is different from selling to people is just wrong. Marketing is about entertaining. Many of the people who are interested in your offering love what they do. This stuff is actually fun to them. Love it with them and have fun. Join with them in the possibility of their life being better and more fun to boot.
  9. Communicate with Excellence. Clarity, consistency and honesty are the hallmarks of great communication. Communicate as a person talking to another person, 'cause you are. Each communication should err on the side of truth and integrity. Be transparent. Every communication is a test of your ability to communicate effectively and should be measured. Market testing is the process of finding out when your message is not reaching your prospects with clarity, consistency and honesty. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, just don't make them twice.
  10. Don't have a tenth point just to have ten. I don't have a tenth addition to my manifesto, but you might. I'd be interested in hearing what you think is missing here. Manifestos by their very nature are true for a point in time. Oops. Time to update it.

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