Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Take it Easy on Corporations

Some interesting quotes on what a community is from Christopher Carfi. My favorite is this:
"Too often these days, businesses are seen by their consumers as entities rather than the groups of people that they really are. Small companies are often the bastions of interesting, non-traditional business. Small business either doesn't care or doesn't know enough to be risk adverse. They also have more fun, and as such, come across as a group of humans, and not some big floating head in the sky out to steal your money."
I think bloggers are hard on corporations that don't "get it." I want to help marketers in these companies begin the process of moving their organizations toward appearing like a group of humans. I know that timeframes are short in this new era, but these groups of people--these corporate communities--have created their own culture with rules, trust systems, projects and goals. It's not easy for a community to decide to dissolve in order to make way for a new one... one in which many of the current members won't belong.

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