Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I GET IT! now what?

There are voices in the etherspace speaking about marketing and advertising and PR and customers and building great companies that sound so...true. I hear in their words my own "disregarded thoughts." And they're all talking about whether companies GET IT. "Do you get it? I get it. She really gets it. He gets it. Who'd he get it from? Is there a cure? What are the side effects?" And they also talk lots about who DOESN'T get it. "It makes sense, and they just don't get it! I got fired because they just don't GET IT! When are they gonna get it? Can't we just give it to them? What do you think they would do with it? How would we wrap it?" "They," unfortunately, are often the Cs, VPs, and Dirs of the organizations that we "geterati" work in. And there's the rub. Once you get it, you may have one of three options: 1. Go work somewhere that you can do "got it" work--like by yourself. 2. Do "got it" work where you are and hope no one notices until the proof is in. 3. Squelch your gotism and wait for the powers above to get it (which usually occurs immediately after it's time to "get" something else). There may be another way. A brighter person might be able to tell you what that way is. I can't. Yet.

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