Thursday, February 17, 2005

The "Get It" Pyramid

Hugh Macleod blogs about pyramids. This got me thinking about how the pyramid could be applied to the marketing person that GETS IT before the rest of the organization does. Here is prototypical marketing-oriented pyramid on which to work your way into customer chaos: BOTTOM: Marketing (not just sales) makes conversations with prospects and customers the norm, in addition to it's traditional image building and lead generation programs. UP: Development, manufacturing, sales, and other groups are involved in customer conversations UP: The organization builds "brand" naturally. Marketing is an amplifier of company value and values. TOP: The organization owns it's niche(s) with a rabid following of loyal customers that play a part in the future direction of the company. These customers are loving, critical, helpful, boisterous, self-absorbed people, all of whom vote positively with their money and time. This is customer chaos.

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