Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wordle Provides Insight into Your Content

 As a Conversion Scientist, I'm always interested in new ways to gauge the effectiveness of content. That is borne out by an interesting application called Wordle that creates a word cloud for your content from any RSS feed. Here's the Wordle for The Conversion Scientist.

Planned randomness creates some interesting word combinations:

think content

content inside

conversation Marketing

Marketing response

Irrational questions

Now coming. really

Blog company

Right site

got leads?

LIVE experiments

company better

Decision close

truly ever-knowledgeable decisions

Can Generation

...and my favorite:


My compadres in the SEO world will have to tell me if this is any help in ensuring that you're using good keywords in your content.

Share your Wordle with us.


  1. Love that site. Here's mine.


  2. what FUN!


  3. Hi Brian,
    You might be interested to see what I've been using Wordle Clouds for in the PPC world. http://metricvoodoo.com/2008/10/wordle-and-the-horrible-landing-page/


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