Friday, April 11, 2008

#12. Do You Charge for Your Free Service?

Am I a marketing sheep? 261 Questions

Xobni is letting you buy your way into their free private beta.

Xobni is free. They're offering a private beta that is free, if you can get in.

Those of us who want to get an early taste of the service are paying for admittance. We're paying with our connections, with our links, and with our opinion.

I hope Xobni the application is as smart.

At this point, I'm not a Xobni fan. I've never used it. But I did request to get into their private beta. That was almost two months ago. I've done this with dozens of services.

When I got an email from them recently, I'd already forgotten what they do. But, they said I could get in early and with a click they would tell me how.

The Life's Blood of Web 2.0

What does any Web 2.0 company need to survive and thrive?

Not money. At least not much.

Not a high-powered sales team.

They need more people to try the site, people who will help them make it better. So, Xobni offered three ways to get into their early beta.

You should copy these down.

Three ways of growing a social network or social application.

  1. Invite friends (at least 4)
  2. Qualify yourself as a desirable beta tester
  3. Put their badge on your blog and generate two signups.

So, they've turned what could be a dark period with no press into a social free-for-all. This is more powerful than any $9.95 monthly subscription fee -- at least at this point in their life.


What are you charging for your free services?

Brian Massey is the author of Customer Chaos and a Conversion Scientist

P.S.: Here's the badge. Now go join so I can get in early.

Xobni outlook add-in for your inbox

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