Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Danah Boyd on MySpace

I had the opportunity to meet Danah Boyd at SXSW this week. She's a firecracker and a very smart lady when it comes to teen issues online.

You'll find this article on her MySpace research quite enlightening. While it may turn some of your media-driven notions on their ear, I assure you she is quite reserved as compared to her in-person passion.

She does her research by hanging with teens... and it shows. She is a 20-something with all of the accoutrements of a teen: she carries regular cell phone (red I think) and has a little cloth bag for her wired PDA. She moves effortlessly between them.

During her panel she wore a huge fuzzy white hat with two points like teddy bear ears that is reminiscent of something from Dr. Suess.

Her personal style is unique and obviously important with layered skirts and blouses, a full-length sweater and even black and white striped arm warmers.

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