Thursday, March 22, 2007

5. Are you in the cross-hairs of changing consumer habits?

Are you a Marketing Sheep? 261 Questions

image A dead body. You just can't help but stare. You don't want to, but you do, especially when the deceased was supposed to be an all-star.

That's the feeling I get when I read about the Music Industry: Sales of Music Long in Decline, Plunge Sharply. Everyone saw it coming but them. Or maybe they did, but couldn't comprehend the end of their precious business model.

So, are we in the path of a truck bearing down on us as we look transfixed at the body lying in the street?

Have you noticed that your customers are behaving differently. Worse: have you failed to notice?

Have you changed your Web site from a brochure to a service?

Does your copy speak with your voice or in a voice filled with industry-leading solutions for textual comprehension?

Have you begun or continued a conversation online with a customer?

Have you delivered less-than-positive news openly to your customer community?

Go ahead and stare, but not too long.

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