Sunday, May 28, 2006

How long is your Sentence?

No, this is not a conversation between Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay. I just stumbled across a site called 9Rules. Thanks to Kathy Sierra's Passionate Customer blog. 9Rules appears to be another content portal playing in the blogosphere, but I was intrigued by how quickly I got what they were about from their home page.
We highlight the very best web content in the world, and package it in a nice bow for you to unwrap.
The Inference? That they are doing some editorial on the blogosphere and with their member blogs. It tells me in a sentence that I will get filtered content, and all I have to do is explore their site to see if it fits me. This comes adjacent to an AMA presentation that we produced on called "The Elevator Speech: What do you do and why should anyone care?" by Andy Craig at Fair Share Consulting. So, what is YOUR sentence.
Expanding on Andy's presentation, I think it is important that your sentece first state what you are about. His example of client Golfsmith: We are a candystore for golfers. Beautiful. Mine? I'm dedicated to creating marketing programs that are themselves a valuable service. Or it should be. As an Andy Craig elevator speech, mine would look something like this:
I'm dedicated to creating marketing programs that are themselves a valuable service. What that means is that I create marketing programs that first make my prospects' lives better, easier and more fun. For example, I work for Powered which creates online consumer education sites for major consumer brands. Visitors love the free courses and become loyal to our clients' brands.
What's your Sentence?

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  1. My elevator pitch:

    We're an addictive way to browse the web without clicking and without effort. We do this through a slide show of web sites, for example
    We have over a million sites indexed, tagged and described so far, so you can pick just about any topic.


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