Friday, April 28, 2006

Marketers have to get Creative

Henry Copeland of BlogAds hosted a panel this week at Ad:Tech San Francisco. I intend to learn more about what his company is up to. His panel presented two case studies in which the blogosphere was tapped to create buzz and awareness. The first was for the city of Amsterdam. The second was for Budget Rent-a-car who was looking to turn up their hipness rating. The common them here was that a small number of contacts can really create buzz in the blogosphere. Budget was able to create almost 1 million unique visits to (!) for a $25,000 buy. I still don't know how the agency talked budget into using "up your budget". I'll talk more about Henry as I get better acquainted with his offering. What I learned that I didn't know is: Fully disclose to the blogosphere that you are a marketer and that this is a marketing program and tell them what you hope to gain. Check out Urchin for tracking web performance. Will someone please give me an invitation code!?

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